• The Brewmaster at SBC
    The Brewmaster at SBC

The Brewmaster

Meet our talented Brewmaster, Ronn Rittmann, the craftsman behind our flavourful, homemade brews. Born and raised in Oranjemund, Ronn is a proud Namibian at heart.

Ronn’s always had a passion to craft, so when he got an opportunity after high school to become an apprentice brewer at NBL, he felt honoured to spend three years learning the practical background of brewing at NBL

“It wasn’t just an apprenticeship. I was learning what it takes to create something wonderful. NBL then gave me the opportunity to satisfy my love of craft and sent me to Ulm in Germany where I got to complete my theoretical training.”

Today, Ronn lives out his passion for beer-making and craft as the Brewmaster at SBC.

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