Farmhouse Deli

Farmhouse Deli is one of our most sought-after destinations and true to its name, we offer a variety of delicious delicatessen foods throughout the day, inspired by delectable Italian-style cuisine.

Italian cuisine is renowned for many things but most importantly, it provides a sense of comfort and speaks to our souls. So, what better place to be than at Farmhouse Deli to have a satisfying, soul-feeding meal inspired by Italy?

Starting with breakfast at Farmhouse Deli, choose from a wide assortment of freshly made food, warm, buttery bread, and croissants, or hearty breakfasts prepared in the kitchen according to your preference. Alternatively, you can choose to order à la carte, where you can treat yourself to a fresh, fruity power bowl, or have a full breakfast with eggs.

Throughout the day, Farmhouse Deli also offers delicious dishes sure to fulfill your cravings for comforting Italian soul food. There’s more to just the Italian food being served, it is the journey you are taken on when you arrive at the restaurant.

Starting with Antipasti, which is commonly known as an appetizer, you begin with options including seafood, shellfish, pastrami, or a refreshing vegetable salad to awaken your taste palates.

After the appetizers comes the primi, more commonly known as the first dish, where you can delight in freshly baked bread topped with delicious meats and cheeses or choose from a variety of light meals that will ensure you have a good dining experience. Most importantly, there is pasta and pizza. These are either eaten as a light meal before the main dish is served or can be eaten separately to your heart’s content.

But wait, there’s more. If you haven’t had enough after the appetizer and light meal, be sure to try out the main dish where you experience the true contemporary cuisine with bites full of flavour. This is followed by dessert and coffee to round off the Italian journey at Farmhouse Deli.

Coffee is a true Italian tradition. With a broad selection of the best coffee in town, there’s no better place than Farmhouse Deli. Whether after your meal, or anytime during the day, take a moment and sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee and relax in the calming atmosphere and enticing surroundings only experienced at Farmhouse Deli.

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We are open every day from 06H00 - 22H00. Contact +264 411 4522 to make a booking or use our widget below.