Ocean Cellar

If you are looking for seafood in Swakopmund, Ocean Cellar is the perfect place to be; with a menu designed to bring out the most pleasant of flavours from our freshest, local seafood selection.

Experience international cuisine in one destination with the World Oyster Journey that takes you from Mexico to Thailand, France, England, California, and Australia.

Next stop: Japan. Indulge in versatile sushi platters that will tickle your taste buds and take you on a fantasy adventure filled with roses, dragons, and rainbows.

We have also got you covered with some of the local favourites including seafood platters, casseroles, prawn linguini, or an upscaled version of fish and chips. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to some incredible fish curry, or try the exquisite dishes of pan-seared salmon or sesame-crusted tuna loin sure to leave you wanting more.

What’s next? Dessert of course. Dining at Ocean Cellar is not complete without the appetising sweet treats that combine flavours and mouthfeel for an all too enticing dessert experience. Enjoy the delicious blend of the smooth, yet crunchy amaretto mousse, or taste the milk chocolate and vanilla crème brûlée topped with raspberry ice cream – the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Paired with excellent wine sourced from our wide-ranging wine list, and the tranquil atmosphere along the beach, Ocean Cellar is the perfect location for a memorable fine dining experience.

Trading Hours

Monday - Sunday 12H00 - 22H00