Kallisto Spitzkoppe Tour

We travel in a north-eastern direction to one of Namibia’s best known landmarks: the Big Spitzkoppe, also known as the Matterhorn of Africa.

This so-called “Inselberg” is a granite outcrop which rises 780m above the surrounding Namib Desert; its total height above sea level is 1728m. Before we come to the Spitzkoppe we pass through a village populated with the indigenous Damara people. There are numerous stands en-route where locals offer semi-precious stones for sale at very reasonable prices.
After passing the entrance to the Spitzkoppe Park we drive around the mountain and view several attractions like the Rock Pool” and the “Rock Arch”, as well as some interesting bushman paintings. The rich vegetation at the Spitzkoppe provides ample opportunity to study some of the flora of the Namib Desert, e.g. Vachellia (Acacia) species and “Kobas”, the Butter tree, milk bush and Commiphora species, as well as “Beesklou and Cleome species. Several bird species can be seen, as for example the Pale-winged Starling and species of weaver birds.
After a leisurely lunch break clients have an option of visiting and viewing some more bushman paintings at the “Bushman’s Paradise” which is accessible via a chain railing. Afterwards it is time for our return-journey to Swakopmund.
Lunch packs can be ordered beforehand

Duration approx. 7 hours – Start at 09:00 – Minimum 2 participants, Maximum 7 Participants.

Price: Price: Please call our reception for enquiries

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