Luis Munana's Luxury Experience at Strand

Posted on Tue August 9, 2022.

"After much convincing and self-introspection, I finally decided to embark on this journey provided I go with
an entourage, that is, my executive assistant and my personal photographer. I have seen posts on social
media of the famous Strand Hotel.

I can’t believe it took me so long to make my booking and spend a few nights in one of the suites. Yes, that’s
right, I said ‘suite’ because what’s the point of doing something if you aren’t going to do it big!?"

Luis Munana is an award-winning personality infilm and fashion. In 2019 Forbes Africa listed the
Rundu native in their prestigious ‘30 Under 30 class of 2019’. A luxury and travel connoisseur, Luis brings with him a wealth of knowledge, influence, and charisma wherever he goes and with all those he interacts with.


Usually, I get annoyed by the check-in process because it takes so long and they ask you all sorts
of questions. I mentally prepared for a long wait at reception. I was ready to answer 21 questions. To
my surprise, the check-in process took less than 10 minutes. The hotel was expecting me, so everything
was ready for my arrival. I simply signed in and that was it. I received clear instructions from the hotel
about mealtimes, restaurants’ opening/closing times etc. And now, I was ready to see my suite.

The first thing that caught my eye while parking in front of Strand Hotel was its proximity to the ocean.
The space between the hotel and the ocean was a perfectly balanced distance that is, not too far that
you can’t enjoy the breeze, but also not too close for the breeze to overpower you. There was ample
parking and a roundabout like area which facilitates entry into the hotel as well as quick drop offs . I made my way easily into the hotel for check in without having to rely on directions or someone to point me the right way.

Anyways, fast forward to us being on the road enroute to Swakopmund. I’m playing music as loud as I can to destruct me from any thoughts of road trauma. A few hours later, we arrived in Swakopmund,
welcomed by a light cool breeze symbolizing that we have officially arrived in Namibia’s beautiful coastal

I am terrible when it comes to navigating new locations. This is weird coming from someone who always got straight A’s in Geography all through high school! A big shout out to whomever invented the
GPS system because finding Strand Hotel was easy. Upon entering the driveway, I didn’t know what to
expect but I did know it would be luxurious. Sidenote: ‘I love Everything Luxury’, that’s literally my brand!


Any time someone mentions ‘hotel suite’ in Namibia I immediately cringe because most hotels in Windhoek
have given a new meaning to the word ‘suite’ by lessening it. I have travelled the world and seen
what a hotel suite should look like. I know what I am talking about. As we made our way to the elevators,
I honestly had a ‘will they or won’t they?’ get the suite right, moment. I am not exaggerating, my heart
skipped a beat, because this was my last shot at a proper vacation this year before the festive season
madness begins.

Upon opening the suite door my face beamed with joy, satisfaction, and much delight! I am telling you;
this suite is amazing.

Let me rather list the reasons why I say it’s amazing.
• Spacious
• Feels like a luxurious 1-bedroom apartment
• Access to the toilet from the room and common
space making navigation easy.
• Has both a shower and a tub. I love them both
equally and use both.
• Closet and storage space in abundance.
• The workspace/dinning/living room area ratio is
perfectly balanced.
• There are 2 balconies, one from the living area
and another from the bedroom.
• Spectacular view of the ocean and board walk.

In a nutshell, the suite felt like something you’d find internationally. It did not disappoint. I especially loved
the fact that I could feel like I was sleeping right next to the ocean by simply opening the balcony doors.
I haven’t slept so peacefully in a very long time. The sound of clashing waves hitting the rocks and the
shore as you sleep is what people pay for. I can see why this would be the best place for a honeymoon or
a couple’s retreat. 10 out of 10.


As a Namibian creative who comes up with looks, matching colors, texture and themes, décor is a detail
I immediately pay attention to without hesitation. Strand Hotel’s exterior gives you the impression
that you could find a very modern look once you step inside. To my surprise, the interior is a perfect
blend of modern meets Victorian ‘homey’ aesthetic. It feels like home yet contemporary at the same time.
The Welwitschia room gives off a very inviting and comfortable luxurious space to read, have intimate
conversations and simply relax. The bar area and workspaces next to the Welwitschia room allows for
both business and pleasurable contexts. The paintings on the walls in the suite and around the hotel took me back to history class. I’m glad the ones I saw were all Namibian themed.The seating areas right in front of the elevators brought a certain renaissance class to the hotel which made me appreciate it even more. Indeed, a
job well done with the décor!

If you know me or heard of me, you will quickly realize that I love food. I will out eat you and your 2 best friends in one seating without fail. Strand Hotel has the best restaurants in Swakopmund. If I wasn’t going there for the suite, I would’ve eventually ended up at one of the Strand Hotel Restaurants at some
point during my stay at the coast. The three restaurants, namely, Ocean Cellar, Brewer
& Butcher and Farmhouse Deli each have individual offerings that draws you into the establishments.

Forget about the food for a second and focus on the aesthetic and amazing views. They are well lit,
properly decorated and all feel like you could be on some vacation far away island.

Back to my favorite thing in this entire world; FOOD! The food is deliciously well prepared. Strand Hotel is
certainly a haven for world-class chefs, and the food is testament to this. My favorite breakfast is the egg
benedict and favorite meal is the steak with mashed potatoes.

For beer lovers, Brewer & Butcher offers craft beer brewed right there at the establishment. I’ve had
the pleasure of tasting 3 craft beers and had the opportunity to rate them according to taste, smell
and texture.

What’s the Swakopmund beach walk promenade without Café Mole? Aesthetically it’s almost as if
you’re on Venice Beach walk in Los Angeles, buzzing with activity and characters. It really is quite the
sight. The frozen yoghurt at Café Mole is addictive, BE WARNED!

Overall Experience
You can tell a lot of thought and planning went into the Strand Hotel setup, from location, décor, restaurants,
sight and so much more. I would recommend anyone reading this to visit Strand Hotel whenever you can. It
was quite the experience. I am glad I went!