• Food & Beer Pairing
    Food & Beer Pairing

Food & Beer Pairing

We love beer! We also love food and combining the intriguing flavours in our brews with some of the delicious dishes at the Brewer & Butcher restaurant, where our brewery is located.

Of course, as any Namibian will tell you, to truly appreciate a pure Namibian beer you need to compliment it with great quality dishes, venison or pork. It was this thought which inspired the creation of the Brewer and Butcher restaurant.

The result of our brewers and fleishmeister’s passions are to be found in our exciting beer and food range, which covers a range of tastes and styles, influenced by a combination of our German beer heritage as well as our natural Namibian environment

And just as our famous lighthouse guided ships safely to our shores, our brewmaster is on hand to guide you on a sensory journey of beer discovery.

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Amber Ale loves BBQ chicken wings

This is a pairing you can’t miss. The fruitiness of our Amber Ale does a great job of complimenting the smokey flavours of the Brewer & Butcher’s signature BBQ chicken wings.

Helles loves the Mussel Pot

The flavours in the delectable, creamy garlic sauce of the mussel pot pairs extremely well with the SBC malt-accented Helles.

Weissbier loves the Veggie Burger

The Brewer & Butcher veggie burger is a lighter dining option and pairs perfectly with a lighter beer like the SBC Weissbier.

Märzen loves the Schweinshaxe

Schweinshaxe (roasted pork knuckle) is a traditional Oktoberfest dish, a favourite at the Brewer & Butcher. Märzen, which is traditionally an Oktoberfest beer, and the Schweinshaxe, perfectly complements each other.

Helles & Weissbier loves the Brewers Wedge Salad

The Brewers Wedge Salad boasts strong flavours of blue cheese, bacon and chicken, which perfectly complements the SBC Helles and Weissbier.