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Strand 4th Birthday

Posted on Wed October 2, 2019.
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O&L Leisure Today - September 2019

Posted on Mon September 16, 2019.

So much activity at the Strand Hotel

The Strand Hotel was the hotel of choice of our National Namibian Ruby team in early September.

It was a great pleasure to host Namibia’s official World Cup Rugby Team, The Welwitschia’s for 5 days while they prepared for their World Cup campaign. They departed for Japan on 12 September and we will be rooting form them when they take on Italy on 22 September at the Hanazono rugby stadium. This will be their first match of the tournament. They get to play against South Africa the following Saturday.

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Posted by Martha on Wed July 24, 2019 in Blogs.

At an early hour of a crisp morning, a man walks into the icy sea.

The locals taking their breakfast on one of Strand Hotel’s ocean-facing terraces don’t pay him much attention. The waitress frantically waved over to send help about a supposed “suicide” chuckles with incredulity at what is a familiar sight and one is left to settle down, sip some Slowtown and watch in wonder as the lone and excellent swimmer fights the good fight against the cold Benguela current pushing him back towards the beach.

For those who’ve wound their way through Farmhouse Deli’s veritable breakfast wonderland to savour salmon terrine, homemade berry compote or fresh croissants beneath blue sky, it’s a magnificent matinee. A dazzling display of man amidst indifferent nature that is the hallmark of Namibia’s adventure capital best explored from the Strand Hotel.

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Posted by Martha on Wed July 24, 2019 in Blogs.

For many a famished world traveler, hotel restaurants are where their dining dreams go to die.

Notorious for overpriced food, underwhelming entrees and barmen only passingly familiar with a Cosmopolitan, these dens of last ditch despair are certainly nothing like what’s on offer at Swakopmund’s sprawling Strand Hotel.

While plenty can be said about each of Strand’s uninterrupted ocean views, its understated and sophisticated rooms, plush spa, opulent gold elevators and charming old world accents as much can be extolled about the hotel’s cuisine.

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