If you are a Namibian working somewhere in the World and are missing your "home", family and friends, this the perfect opportunity you have been waiting for. An opportunity to return Home and to be part of an extraordinary team creating world class hospitality experiences in Namibia. 

An opportunity to pass on all the skills you have gained internationally to your fellow Namibians. An opportunity to, without compromise, continue developing your skills with O&L Leisure: A company passionate about HOSTING all it's Guests with warm, genuine and welcoming Namibian hospitality.

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With its extensive and entertaining Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Deli, sea facing Terraces and Conference & Banqueting Centre the Strand Hotel is destined to become the social epicenter of Swakopmund, Namibia

Uniquely located on the iconic and historic Swakopmund Mole and surrounded on three sides by the Southern Atlantic Ocean its 125 Rooms and Suites will offer the finest uninterrupted sea views available anywhere in this quaint historic town. 

The Strand Hotel Swakopmund is not simply being built but is rather being “sculptured” to be more than just a Hotel. It promises to be an integral part of the town’s historical centre and a beachfront entertainment destination in itself hosting both visitors and locals.

Its architectural inspiration finds its roots deep in Namibian German history and reflects this in a tasteful contemporary manner. The interiors are residential in nature, and the brief to all designers involved was to create a non-hotel, hotel.

One as charming and welcoming as the town it is located in. Simply very warm and comfortable, and as they say in German: “gemütlich” providing a genuine “sense-of-place” atmosphere adding to any Namibian visit. 

Strand Hotel Swakopmund promises guests a warm Namibian welcome and a stay, during which they will be hosted in a relaxed, uncomplicated manner.

Arriving at the Strand is a dramatic experience as one passes through its 13m high and 9m wide Ocean View Atrium which travels right through the Hotel offering sea views at either end. Off this Atrium Lobby is Reception, consisting of three individual desks and an inviting open fireplace which rounds off the residential feel and warm welcome. 

The Strand Hotel Swakopmund is not simply
being built, it is being sculptured.

Every aspect of the Strand Hotel Swakopmund is being developed according to international four-star standards. It’s very possibly going to be the benchmark against which all hotels and lodges in Namibia will be measured in the future.

IMPORTANT: All pictorial depictions used are computer generated and are indicative only. All facts and figures presented are subject to change as the plans and designs pertaining to this development are finalized and continiously enhanced and improved.
The Strand Hotel Swakopmund is being "sculptured" rather than simply "built".

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