Strand Hotel Swakopmund - Destined to become a world class icon, referred to as the Jewel of Namibia, and set in a unique location on the historic “Mole”, the Strand Hotel Swakopmund will provide world class accommodation that is stylish and contemporary yet is relaxed and unpretentious and feels totally at home within the local historical German architectural style.  

Visitors will enjoy the first world facilities of Strand Hotel Swakopmund, food and services, consisting of an eclectic mix of international and local tastes and styles and that are delivered with the warm, understated approach to hospitality that Namibians are renowned for. 

The Strand Hotel Swakopmund connects the two extreme environments of the hot, unforgiving yet beautiful and soulful Namib desert with the icy cold, wild and pure Atlantic ocean. With a strong sense of place, the Strand Hotel Swakopmund provides a comfortable base to explore the surrounding Swakopmund and Walvis Bay area that is rich in both German and indigenous cultural history, as well as a fascinating array of unique flora and fauna.

The Strand Hotel Swakopmund's fusion of a number of apparently contradictory elements will create a rich tapestry of unforgettable sensory experiences for you that will relax, rejuvenate and stimulate your mind, your body and your soul and leave you with unforgettable memories of amazing places and warm hearted people. 

IMPORTANT: All pictorial depictions used are computer generated and are indicative only. All facts and figures presented are subject to change as the plans and designs pertaining to this development are finalized and continuously enhanced and improved.
The Strand Hotel Swakopmund is being "sculptured" rather than simply "built".

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